The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.

Dual use goods

The trade of dual-use items is controlled in order to prevent nuclear, chemical and biological products from falling into the wrong hands. These items were not developed specifically for military purposes but may nevertheless have a military application, for example in weapons of mass destruction.

The regulation regarding trade in dual-use itmes is issued by the European Union. In a federal Belgium the control policy is largely a regional competence. The Flemish Government  issues the permits and is in charge of implementing policy. The Flemish Parliament monitors the policy and is responsible for democratic control.

The Peace Institute examines legislation and policy in terms of the foreign trade in dual-use items and monitors the production and trade in Flanders in actual facts and figures. In its annual report the institute analyses the dual-use item export figures for the past year. Furthermore, the Institute also devotes special attention to the policy of the European Union and to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

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