The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.
Nuclear disarmament
Policy options for Belgium & other non-nuclear weapon states in the NATO alliance.

In November 2021 the Flemish Peace Institute advocated in a new advisory report a more active role as a bridge builder for Belgium and Flanders in the field of international nuclear disarmament. Read this report with valuable insights for all non-nuclear weapon states in the NATO alliance.

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Transit of military goods
Discover our new report & the integral recording of our ATT side event on this topic.

In the new report “Under the radar: Transit of military goods - from licensing to control” the Flemish Peace Institute analyses transit control systems in seven European countries and identifies possibilities and challenges for international cooperation and information exchange.

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Project TARGET
Read more about the research results & online presentation.

How does illicit firearms trafficking impact gun violence in Europe? That was Project TARGET's central question. Project TARGET significantly improves our understanding of the dynamics of gun violence across Europe and the impact of illicit firearms trafficking on gun violence. It is also the first in-depth study on the relationship between illicit firearms trafficking and different types of gun violence across Europe.

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Project DIVERT
Discover the webinars & publications about non-regularisation, fraud & theft.

Project DIVERT is a research project, funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police, which focuses on the diversion of live-firing firearms from the legal domain into the illicit sphere within the European Union.

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Commemoration and remembrance

Memories of wars and political violence continue to deeply move us, long after the occurrence of these events. Violent conflicts create deep divides and rifts, between states and groups of people.

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Radical ideas can have a place in a democratic society. They are part of the democratic difference of opinions and ensure that new themes and interests are taken into account. A more serious problem arises when radicalisation processes give rise to violent forms of extremism.

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Peace education

Since our inception we conduct research into peace education and conflict management. We explore what peace education means and how it can be given substance in the educational system. One of our main themes is dealing with controversy in class.

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Conventional weapons

Weapons are strategic goods. They play an important role in law enforcement and national defence. At the same time, there are risks associated with the trade in these products.

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The government regulates the arms trade and the use of firearms. The regulation covers legal forms of possession, use and trade, but it also aims to combat the illegal trade and misuse.

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Dual use goods

The trade of dual-use items is controlled in order to prevent nuclear, chemical and biological products from falling into the wrong hands. These items were not developed specifically for military purposes but may nevertheless have a military application.

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.@Diederik_Cops & @NDuquet , zonet in de Commissie #BuitenlandsBeleid @VlaParl: “Wapenprogramma’s zoals A400M & F35 hebben in 2022 een enorm effect op de Vlaamse vergunde wapenuitvoer, zo bewijzen de voorlopige cijfers.” (tot aug.2022).
✔Lees ons advies:

Om 14u live in de com. #BuitenlandsBeleid @vlaparl: @NDuquet & @Diederik_Cops over ons advies over het Verslag Wapenhandel 2021.
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Luister nu live mee, onder andere naar onze onderzoeker Maarten Van Alstein, over herdenking, herinneringseducatie, #genocide & de #Holodomor in #Oekraïne, in de commissie #buitenlandsbeleid @vlaparl.

Last month we released "Pulling the trigger: #gunviolence in Europe", containing 7 countryreports (Belgium,Estonia,the Netherlands,Poland,Serbia,Spain & Sweden) underpinning #ProjectTARGET.
Check out the full volume:
.. or discover all 7 📖 in this🧵

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