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Reducing the firepower of criminals and terrorists

Reducing the firepower of criminals and terrorists. This panel discussion with Dr Elke Devroe (director of the Flemish Peace Institute), Dr Sibylle Bauer (Director of Studies for Armament and Disarmament at SIPRI, and chair of the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium, Frank Meeussen (Policy Officer on Non-Proliferation at the EEAS) & Nils Duquet (Senior Researcher on firearms trafficking, gun violence & arms export control at the Flemish Peace Institute) looked into the new EU Strategy to combat the illicit proliferation of firearms.

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Commemoration and remembrance

Memories of wars and political violence continue to deeply move us, long after the occurrence of these events. Violent conflicts create deep divides and rifts, between states and groups of people.

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The government regulates the arms trade and the use of firearms. The regulation covers legal forms of possession, use and trade, but it also aims to combat the illegal trade and misuse.

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Radical ideas can have a place in a democratic society. They are part of the democratic difference of opinions and ensure that new themes and interests are taken into account. A more serious problem arises when radicalisation processes give rise to violent forms of extremism.

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Controversy in the classroom

Our coexistence in today’s society is under pressure. Political and social discussions become heated debates, contradictions become explicit, both in classrooms and at school.

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Dual use goods

The trade of dual-use items is controlled in order to prevent nuclear, chemical and biological products from falling into the wrong hands. These items were not developed specifically for military purposes but may nevertheless have a military application.

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Arms trade

Weapons are strategic goods. They play an important role in law enforcement and national defence. At the same time, there are risks associated with the trade in these products.

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Talk with us

De nieuwe directeur van het Vredesinstituut licht haar onderzoek toe over ‘Politics of Security in City Regions’.

Ben je gebeten door vredesstudies? Het Vredesinstituut zoekt een wetenschappelijk medewerker voor een literatuurstudie en organisatie van een seminarie omtrent vredesonderzoek.
We bieden een contract van 6 maanden aan.
Solliciteer uiterlijk op 26 juni.

Vandaag wordt 75 jaar D Day hier in Normandië herdacht. Grootste militaire operatie ooit.

Straks komen ook Trump, May en Trudeau naar hier met Franse president.

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Welke impact heeft internet op illegale wapenhandel in Europa? Onderzoeker @NDuquet benadrukt het belang van geharmoniseerde wetgeving en efficiënte samenwerking. "Het internet vervaagt de grenzen voor criminelen, beleidsmakers kunnen niet achter blijven."

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