The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.

Scientific board

The Scientific Council evaluates the quality of the research performed by the Peace Institute and gives advice to the Board of Directors and the Scientific Secretariat on important trends in issues of peace and security. They are also consulted for ongoing research. The Scientific Council consists of the vice-chairman of the Board of Directors, the director of the Peace Institute and eight national and international experts.

Dr. Sibylle Bauer – Director of Studies, Armament and Disarmament, at SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop – Professor at Ghent University and director of the “Europe in the World”-program at the Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations

Prof. Dr. J. Peter Burgess – Professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and Adjunct Professor at teh University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Geert Castryck – Senior researcher and lecturer at Leipzig University.

Prof. Dr. Keith Krause – Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Genève).

Dr. Marcel Maussen – Assistant-Professor at the University of Amsterdam –
Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Letizia Paoli – Full professor of criminology at the University of Leuven – Faculty of Law.

Prof. Dr. Ismee Tames – Program Leader War & Society at NIOD, Insitute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam and Arq Professor History of Resistance in Times of War and Persecution at Utrecht University.