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Theme: firearms

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  • A snapshot of illicit firearm-trafficking and gunviolence in Serbia Report

    Authors: Dr Sanja Ćopić, Dr Mirjana Dokmanović

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    This Project Target report explains the effects of Serbia’s difficult data collection on illicit firearm-trafficking and gunviolence in the country. Dr Sanja Ćopić and Dr Mirjana Dokmanović attempt to draw a clearer picture of the situation. Discover 6 other European ... read more

  • A Deadly Cocktail: Firearm Violence and Trafficking in Sweden Report

    Authors: Declan Hillier, Matt Lewis

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    The levels of gun violence in Sweden have risen drastically, especially in the criminal milieu. Currently, gun violence is a very important security threat Sweden is facing. Find out why in this  report. Discover 6 other European country reports in ... read more

  • Firearm trafficking and gun violence in Belgium Report

    Authors: Nils Duquet, Dennis Vanden Auweele, Quitterie de Labbey

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    How has Belgium garnered such a bad reputation over the last decade when it comes to firearms and firearm trafficking? And how has this impacted gun violence in the country? Find out by reading the Project Target country report by ... read more

  • Gunviolence in Spain: analysing the nexus of firearms and drugs trafficking Report

    Authors: Matteo Dressler,Clara Vandewege, Sofie Waebens

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    After having some of the lowest gun violence numbers in Europe, Spain has been marred by increasing gun violence, especially in the drug-trafficking milieu. Matteo Dressler , Clara Vandewege and Sofie Waebens explain this recent trend in this Project Target ... read more

  • The Way of the Gun: Firearm trafficking and its impact on violence in the Netherlands Report

    Authors: Marieke Liem, Katharina Krüsselmann

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    While the rate of legal gunownership is relatively low in The Netherlands compared to other European countries, firearms have an important presence in the criminal milieu. This Project TARGET country report offers necessary insight.  Discover 6 other European country reports ... read more

  • Firearm-related violence and trafficking in Estonia Report

    Authors: Paul James, Declan Hillier

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    Estonia has managed to successfully counter firearm-trafficking and firearm violence within its borders. This Project Target report written by Paul James and Declan Hillier sheds more light on how this was achieved. Discover 6 other European country reports in Pulling ... read more

  • The success story? An in-depth analyisis of illicit firearm-trafficking and gun violence in Poland Report

    Authors: Prof Piotr Chlebowicz, Prof Jarosław Moszczyński, Tomasz Safjański, Szymon Buczyński

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    Poland’s geographical location puts it at the crossroads of trafficking routes used by organized crime groups.  This makes it very attractive for illegal weapon dealing. Nevertheless, firearm trafficking is not treated as a priority. This report explains how this has ... read more

  • Guns for sale: the Belgian illicit gun market in a European perspective Report

    Authors: Nils Duquet & Maarten Van Alstein

    Publication date: 21/03/2016

    The attention paid to the problem of the possession of illicit firearms and the illegal trafficking of firearms has increased significantly over the past few years, at both a Belgian and a European level. In Belgium, this increase in political ... read more

  • Firearms and violent deaths in Europe Report

    Authors: Nils Duquet & Maarten Van Alstein

    Publication date: 25/06/2015

    On a regular basis, news stories appear in the media about public shootings where shooters use their guns to open fire and kill people in shopping malls or on school campuses. Mostly these stories deal with incidents in the United ... read more