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Project TARGET: Targeting gun violence & trafficking in Europe

Publication date: 13/12/2021

Project TARGET is a comprehensive research project that explores the links between the different types of firearms trafficking and gun violence in all EU Member States and the Western Balkans.

How does illicit firearms trafficking impact gun violence in Europe?
That was Project TARGET’s central question. In this report you’ll find the research results.

It is also the first in-depth study on the relationship between illicit firearms trafficking and different types of gun violence across Europe and will become a baseline study for future studies monitoring gun violence across Europe and evaluating the impact of various measures undertaken to combat illicit firearms trafficking and gun violence in Europe.

The project is coordinated by the Flemish Peace Institute and cofunded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Commission.

Partners of the project are Leiden University’s Institute of Security and Global AffairsEuropol, the Dutch National PoliceUNDP-SEESAC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs Addiction (EMCDDA).

Check the project TARGET-webpage for more info.


Location: Brussel

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