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  • Firearm-related violence and trafficking in Estonia Report

    Authors: Paul James, Declan Hillier

    Publication date: 28/10/2022

    Estonia has managed to successfully counter firearm-trafficking and firearm violence within its borders. This Project Target report written by Paul James and Declan Hillier sheds more light on how this was achieved. Discover 6 other European country reports in Pulling ... read more

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  • Pulling the trigger: gun violence in Europe Report

    Authors: Nils Duquet (ed.), Szymon Buczyński, Piotr Chlebowicz, Sanja Ćopić, Quitterie de Labbey, Mirjana Dokmanović, Matteo Dressler (with the support of Clara Vandewege and Sofie Waebens), Declan Hillier, Paul James, Katharina Krüsselmann, Matt Lewis, Marieke Liem, Jarosław Moszczyński, Tomasz Safjański, Dennis Vanden Auweele.

    Publication date: 27/10/2022

    This report contains the 7 country studies  – Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Sweden –  that were undertaken as part of the second phase of project TARGET. While the reader will be able to observe interesting similarities ... read more

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  • Under the radar: Transit of military goods – from licensing to control Report

    Authors: Diederik Cops & Kathleen Vanheuverswyn

    Publication date: 25/04/2022

    Controlling the transit and transshipment of military goods is essential to secure the legal international arms trade, to prevent diversion and to avoid the undesirable proliferation of conventional weapons. However, the efficient and effective implementation of such controls is for ... read more

  • Project DIVERT: Firearms fraud in the European Union Report

    Authors: Quitterie de Labbey, Nils Duquet & Diederik Cops

    Publication date: 11/04/2022

    Project DIVERT focuses on three specific diversion methods; Theft, fraud and non-regularisation. The DIVERT-report you can download here focuses on fraud.  It is part of a three-part series exploring previously under-researched diversion methods in the EU. Two additional studies deal with ... read more

  • International nuclear disarmament and policy options for Belgium and Flanders. Report

    Authors: Lode Dewaegheneire, Veronica Vella & Sylvain Palle-Calvo

    Publication date: 25/01/2022

    In November 2021, the Flemish Peace Institute argued in a new advisory note for a more active role as a bridge builder for Belgium and Flanders in the field of international nuclear disarmament. In this report researchers Lode Dewaegheneire, Veronica ... read more