The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.

International Peace Day 2023: Documentary & panel discussions

19:30 - 21:45

Cinema Lumière

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In January 2023, the Flemish Peace Institute surprisingly nominated the organisation Anti-Slavery International for the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination came at the behest of high school students  outraged by numerous scandals at home and abroad involving modern forms of slavery and human trafficking.

Slavery is irreconcilable with the image of a region of peace with a tradition of fair labour relations that Flanders has of itself and wants to project abroad. This is precisely why the Borealis affair – in which 174 foreign workers filed complaints because of exploitation on a chemical giant’s construction site in Antwerp – caused a shockwave in Flanders, both among public opinion and politicians.

On International Peace Day, we will use this example – and the documentary made about it – to zoom out and reflect on the role of fair labour relations in the search for a peaceful society. To do so, we will enter into conversation with Hélène de Rengerve of Anti-Slavery International. Then David Van Turnhout, the journalist who reveiled the Borealis scandal and wrote a book about it, introduces the documentary “Qatar aan de Schelde”. Afterwards, he will discuss modern forms of slavery, human trafficking and peace with Chris Serroyen and Patsy Sörensen.


19h00: Start reception at the counter of the Flemish Peace Institute in Cinema Lumière

19h30: Welcome by Nils Duquet (Flemish Peace Institute)
19:35: Hélène de Rengerve (Anti-Slavery International) in conversation (ENG) with Nils Duquet on modern forms of slavery
19:50: Introduction of the documentary Qatar on the Scheldt by David Van Turnhout
19:55: Start of documentary
20:20: Panel discussion: Journalist David Van Turnhout talks to Chris Serroyen (head of the research department at ACV) and Patsy Sörensen, founder of Payoke, an organisation fighting human trafficking since 1987.
20:55: Closing remarks

21:00: Start networking moment

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