The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.

‘De-radicalisation’ – Scientific insights for policy

Publication date: 04/07/2017

Following the terrorist attacks in Madrid (2004) and London (2005), “radicalisation” has become part of the political discourse in Europe. Many European governments took initiatives to counter violent extremism. But the range of measures often lacks conceptual clarity and empirical validation. The aim of this book is to make policy answers to violent extremism more evidence-based. The Flemish Peace Institute brought seven international scholars together with practitioners from Flanders to apply research to practice. What is the relationship between radical ideas and violent behaviour? Can you assess the risk of extremist violence? What are “deradicalisation programs”? Do “counternarratives” make any sense, and how do you evaluate countering violent extremism? What is the perspective of young people? And how can policymakers deal with Islam in the European context? The seven chapters of this book provide reflections on these questions.

(Dit boek is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands)