The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.


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  • Project TARGET – Online presentation of research results Docuclip

    Publication date: 16/12/2021

    How does illicit firearms trafficking impact gun violence in Europe? That was Project TARGET’s central question. Rewatch the integral version of the online presentation of the research results on 13/12/2021 here. Download the full report here.  Project TARGET significantly improves ... read more

  • DIVERT-Webinar: Non-regularised firearms in the European Union Docuclip

    Recording of the DIVERT-webinar (28 April 2021) on non-regularisation of firearms in the European Union. With presentations by Paul James (Arquebus Solutions), Adriana Toston Diez (Driver EMPACT Firearms) & Lt.Maria Jimenez Victorio (Spanish National Firearms Focal Point) and Nils Duquet ... read more

  • How do terrorists obtain firearms in Europe? Docuclip

    There is no such thing as one illegal firearms market, instead there are many markets. There is a growing availability of firearms because of increased smuggling and a growing number of criminals using legal loopholes to obtain guns. More information ... read more