The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent
institute for peace research at the Flemish Parliament.


  • Webinar: Evaluating preventive policies & the new EU Counter-Terrorism Agenda

    Publication date:

    On the 22nd of March 2021, exactly 5 years after the Brussels attacks, the Flemish Peace Institute,  together with policymakers and experts, took a closer look at the feasibility of evaluating and measuring impact of preventive policies on violent extremism ... read more

  • Interview with the Scientific Council

    Publication date: 30/03/2019

    The Scientific Council evaluates the quality of the research performed by the Peace Institute and is consulted for the research. Prof. Dr. Keith Krause, Dr. Sibylle Bauer and Dr. Marcel Maussen elaborate on the evolutions of the Peace Institute and ... read more

  • How to combat terrorist access to firearms?

    Publication date:

    We need action both on national and European level to combat illegal access to firearms. We have to do more than react after an attack, the policy needs to be proactive. More information on the website of project SAFTE read more

  • How do terrorists obtain firearms in Europe?

    Publication date:

    There is no such thing as one illegal firearms market, instead there are many markets. There is a growing availability of firearms because of increased smuggling and a growing number of criminals using legal loopholes to obtain guns. More information ... read more

  • The increasing number of terrorist attacks with firearms in Europe

    Publication date:

    In recent years we have seen several attacks with firearms. We need to know how terrorists acquire guns. More information on the website of project SAFTE read more