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Panel discussion: Reducing the firepower of criminals and terrorists

12:30 - 13:30

Vlaams Parlement

Reducing the firepower of criminals and terrorists: The new EU Strategy to combat the illicit proliferation of firearms

The illicit proliferation of firearms is a global security, humanitarian and development challenge: it fuels conflicts, undermines the rule of law, and gives rise to a culture of impunity. Therefore, efforts to eradicate the illicit trade of firearms and their ammunition should be high on the European agenda. As global manufacturers and exporters of firearms the EU and its Member States need to coordinate their actions and initiatives to prevent that powerful weapons end up in the hands of terrorists and criminals. The panel discussion focused on the EU’s measures to combat illicit firearms and Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) proliferation such as the development and promotion of international normative frameworks and the support for international cooperation.

Read the report of the panel discussion ‘Reducing the firepower of criminals and terrorists‘ with Dr. Sibylle Bauer, Frank Meeuwsen and Nils Duquet which took place on 4 April 2019.