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Theme: radicalisation

  • Cumulative extremism: Behind the scenes of toxic us-versus-them dynamics Factsheet

    Publication date: 23/01/2023

    Cumulative extremism is the process by which different forms of extremism interact and reinforce each other, which often translates into a dynamic of violent or non-violent reactions and counter-reactions. The current, multifaceted landscape of extremism in Europe – with some ... read more

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  • ‘De-radicalisation’ – Scientific insights for policy Book

    Authors: Lore Colaert

    Publication date: 04/07/2017

    Following the terrorist attacks in Madrid (2004) and London (2005), “radicalisation” has become part of the political discourse in Europe. Many European governments took initiatives to counter violent extremism. But the range of measures often lacks conceptual clarity and empirical ... read more

  • Dealing with Radicalisation: Four reflections on Flemish radicalization policy Report

    Authors: Jorg Kustermans

    Publication date: 21/05/2015

    This note offers a number of reflections on how to develop a policy on radicalisation. We have formulated these ideas in the light of contributions made and discussions held during the hearings of the Committee for Combating Violent Radicalization read more